Elevation Backcountry Ski DVD

$ 12.95

The assumption is we can quickly summarize what's in this box.  However, our film isn't so easily defined; an adventure film that's part ski porn, part documentary, and a blatent propaganda piece promoting the joys and wonder of exploring the mountains in Winter would be close. We're attempting to capture the many reasons why perfectly crazy people leave the warm comfort of their homes to slide on snow.  Join the following cast of characters as they show us their own backyards, or take us to dream locations seeking ELEVATION.

Features Jake Sakson, Noah Howell, Andrew Mclean, Dylan Freed, Chris Davenport. Seth Wescott, Matt Reardon, Darrell Finlayson, Bob Athey, PY Leblanc, Drew Sroecklein, Ian Provo, Neil Provo, Chuck Mumford, Jason Thompson, Forrest Coots, and Todd Stuart.

Locations: Cascades, WA - Wasatch, UT - Tordnillos, AK - Mount Rainier, WA - Tetons, WY - Ruth Ampitheater, AK - Wallowas, OR

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