Bad Ideas Snowboard DVD

$ 9.95

In a flooded video market, filled with HD cameras, budgets in the millions and corporate sponsors, we are the people who still run with scissor, charm cobras, wear black socks with brown shoes, live off the dollar menu, get twisted, piss into the wind, wear jean short shorts, smash pumpkin, and still keep it real. Good people, great locations, fun times and Bad Ideas.

Riders: Jake Olson-Elm, Wyatt Glynn, Madison Ellsworth, Chad Otterstrom, Ricky Tucker, Austin Julik-Heine, Pat Camparano, Austin Young, John Hodge, Erich Dummer, James Frederick, John Pape, Pat Lynch, and Friends.

Sponsors: Signal Snowboards, Sims, Forecast Snowboards, Ogio, Develop Clothing, Burton Snowboards.

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