Choose Your Adventure with Massive DVD+Book - Ski 2-pack

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Ski 2-pack

Choose Your Adventure

Despite the underwhelming winter of 2011-12, in which snowfall reached near record lows and avalanche conditions were unstable around the West, the Powderwhores were able to make the most of the conditions, with trips to Cerro Castillo, Chile; La Grave, France; the Antarctic Peninsula; Svalbard, Norway; British Columbia, Canada, and the Wasatch Mountains in Utah. The film features top backcountry skiers and snowboarders, including Chris Davenport, Jake Sakson, Andrew McLean, Seth Wescott, Dylan Freed, Noah Howell, Matt Reardon, Drew Stoecklein, Forrest Coots, Ian Provo, Neil Provo, Chuck Mumford, Darrell Finlayson, Bob Athey, PY Leblanc, Jason Thompson, Todd Stuart and other mountain characters. “We are playing with the theme of the old Choose Your Own Adventure books. Remember those?” says Powderwhore athlete and co-owner Noah Howell. “Our interest lies in finding exotic locations and people with real stories and objectives. We wanted to tag along and capture their motivation for heading into the mountains. It’s more of an authentic experience this way, instead of a staged video shoot. We traveled light and fast so we didn’t interfere with the actual adventures as they unfolded.” In the end, “Choose Your Adventure” is a feature-length film that celebrates exotic locations, wild adventures, and inspired personalities.

The Massive DVD

Tanner Hall and The Massive crew are on the shred mission. Follow the action from the super-pipe at Copper Mountain to the powder of Retallack, BC. From the urban assault on Salt Lake City to the brutal heat wave in St. Anton, Austria. From the heavy slo-roast in Pemberton, BC to the bluebird crush-fest in Haines, Alaska. And, bring it all home with an end of the year jam at Mt. Hood, Oregon. This is The Massive.Starring: Tanner Hall Sean Pettit Callum Pettit Dana Flahr Ian McIntosh Sammy CarlsonIan Provo Neal Provo Frank Raymond Sean Field Chris Turpin Tom Burt Karl the Gnar

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