Council of Doom Fixed Gear Cycling DVD

$ 7.95

THE COUNCIL OF DOOM The Council of Doom is the first release from the already legendary Orange County fixed-gear crew Council of Doom. Directed by Wolfgang, the new release stands alone in documenting the progression, and shattering, of what was previously believed possible on track bikes. Filmed on location in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Pedro, Long Beach & Mammoth Mountain, The Council of Doom takes the viewer on an epic experience of what it means to master the fixed-gear bike within the urban setting. Doom brings unparalleled freestyle tricks, and gutsy riding, to the table while maintaining the atmosphere of effortless So Cal beach culture. Cities/locations: Costa Mesa, CA, Los Angeles, CA, San Pedro, CA, Laguna Beach, CA, Dana Point, CA, Lake Crowley, CA, Newport Beach, CA, Santa Ana, CA Sponsors: RVCA Clothing, Difisso Bicycles

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