Day and Age Snowboard DVD

$ 9.95

Sandbox Is Kevin Sansalone And Clayton Larsen, Along With A Team Of Very Talented, Snowboarders, Filmers And Designers. With Over Ten Years Of Film Production Experience, We Are Creating Films For Everyone To Enjoy. Kevin Has Been Snowboarding For Over Twenty Years, And Has Been Completely Involved With Every Aspect Of The Sport, From Competing, Filming And Marketing, To Snowboard Construction And Design. Clayton Is The Principal Filmer, Editor And Music Supervisor With An Innovative Vision For Snowboard Filmmaking. Riders: Rusty Ockenden, Andrew Hardingham, Mikey Pederson, Clint Allan, Trevan Salmon, Cory Gallon, Steve Cartwright, Matt Belzile, Beau Bishop, Dave Short, Dwayne Weibe, Ryan Hall, Layne Treeter, Wiley Tesseo, Matt Butel, Rupert Davies, Scot Brown, Logan Short, Kevin Sansalone.

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