Four Dimensions Windsurfing DVD

$ 24.95

From the directors of “Wet and Salty” and “Committed Reloaded” comes the windsurfing movie “Four Dimensions”. Four riders travel the world in search of those unique places where all the conditions come together to showcase windsurfing at it’s highest level.

Andre Paskowski (Producer) and Peter Svensson (Director, Editor) together with Sebastian Dörr (co Editor) are currently working on a monster project, a movie about some of the best and most diverse riders today; Marcilio Browne, Victor Fernandez and Jose “Gollito” Estredo. The two time European champion, Andre, will also appear riding on the movie, although his main focus is production.

People will witness a windsurfing movie with the best wave riding, jumping and freestyle possible today. The Four Dimensions team has already filmed on the legendary Cape Verde Islands and is currently filming on Maui. The crew traveled the world to make sure to present one of the best windsurfing movies.

Riders: Marcilio Browne, Gollito Estredo, Victor Fernandez, Andre Paskowski

Locations: Cape Verde, Maui, Egypt, Fuerteventrua, Gran Canaria, Brazil

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