Snafu Wakeboard DVD

$ 9.95

Snafu: Situation Normal, All F***ed Up. Get ready for the best wakeboarding film ever made....In Nebraska! Snafu is the 2nd release from award winning film producer, Ronnie Romero. Filmed and presented entirely in widescreen. Edited to a killer soundtrack featuring music by Swollen Members, Slightly Stoopid, Pomeroy, Anchondo, Slang 5, Punk Junkeez, and Surreal. The music alone will be enough to make you wanna strap your board on and head out to the lake! snafu has captured the soul of the free rider featuring the riding of Murray, Lyman, Nadolski, Kyle Alberts, Gerry Nunn, Nick Jones, Ben Bazis, And Corey Bradley. Watch as these guys throw down some of the biggest and most technical tricks recorded on film to date. This film showcases the reason why we all started and continue to ride....freedom, style and intensity. Snafu is a must own for anyone's library!

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