In Its Travels Wakeskate DVD with FREE copy of Beans and Rice DVD

$ 12.95

Get Both In Its Travels and Beans and Rice.

In Its Travels, is a progressive wakeskate video focusing on the riding and pushing the limits of winch riding.   Over 30 riders including  Phillip Basino, Kyle Walton, Nick Taylor, George Daniels, and many more.

From the producers of In Its Travels comes Beans and Rice, with all the variety you need to complete your Mexican entree for the fiesta of a lifetime! Documenting a one month trip to Mexico featuring wakeskating and wakeboarding by Kyle Murphy, Kyle Walton, up and comer Ben Horan, Brandon Rau, Melissa Marquardt, George Daniels, Silas Thurman, returning hombre Randall The Vandall, Jeff Harcq, and the Byerly team, with tons of awsome south-of-the-border scenery!

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