IR77 snowboarding DVD & Book

$ 12.95

The top five things about ir77: 1. It looks REALLY tight! 2. It's a book. In the fall of 2004 over 40 photographers, artists, and riders from 9 different countries began a collaboration that has grown into the ir77 book. The book is a cooperative effort to take a completely new and thought provoking approach to snowboard media. The result is a breathtaking 120 -page book that explores and shares the raw energy of snowboarding. 3. It s a movie. When the pages of the book could go no further, the ir77 crew set sail on a world tour. Their goal was to capture original footage and complete the story of passion and snowboarding. The result is a revealing look into the lives, emotions, and heart of the sport. 4. It features the riding of: Lukas Huffman, Andrew Crawford, Shin Campos, Shandy Campos, Tyler Lepore, Dave Short, Jon Cartwright, Rube Goldberg, Austin Smith, Jonas Carlson, and the rest of the ir77 team. 5. Each copy is hand assembled by the ir77 crew.

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