Jib Jam & Trick Tips Instructional Ski DVD

$ 7.95

Poor Boyz Productions brought competitive skiing into the Information age with their Jib Jam Invitational, a live online video contest.  The event gathered top-level athletes from around the globe and pitted them against each other on a gamut of monstrous terrain park features.  The skiers rose to the challenge throughout the 10-day session, throwing terrain park trickery like you've never seen before.

Wish you could ski like that? Then you're in luck.  While these snow-slaying heroes weren't competing with each other for bragging rights and fabulous prizes, they were taking time out to offer step-by-step trick advice to the PBP cameras.  John Symms, winner of the National Merit Ballership, will be your host as terrain part virtuosos like Derek Spong, Matt Walker, Mike Henitiuk, Oscar Scherlin, John Spriggs, Anders Backe, and introducing Ben Maxham, let you in other tricks of their trade.  This summer, while you're dreaming of skiing, get hip the Jib Tips.  Poor Boyz will have you flipping like a coin, spinning like a top, grabbing like a bottom, and grinding like a fly girl before the snow flies next fall.

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