Moto Skills with Nick Wey DVD

$ 25.95


Riding a dirt bike is one of the most exhilarating things that you can do on two wheels. Riding a dirt bike at speed, however, is one of the most difficult. With over 17 years of professional racing experience under his belt, Nick Wey is a veteran who knows the ins and outs of proper riding technique. Throw in the fact that he is regarded as having one of the most traditional, picture-perfect riding styles on the track, and Wey is a rider who has a lot to share when it comes time to improve your game on a motocross bike. MOTO Skills, with Nick Wey is the most in-depth, informative, and visually stimulating instructional motocross video ever made. Filmed entirely in 1080p high-definition video, MOTO Skills features easy to understand instruction from Wey, super-slow-motion clips for extra detail, visual call-outs, and a whopping 29 individual riding tips. Whether you're a casual rider who wants to improve his basic riding skills or a hardcore racer looking to improve your results, MOTO Skills, with Nick Wey is sure to help you improve your technique to become a faster and safer rider.


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