Pipeline Posse Project 1 Surfing DVD

$ 6.95

Get ready for an insider's look at the world's most deadly surf break. The Posse is a group of individuals dedicated to surfing Pipe. Their story, Project 1, gives you a backstage pass to Hawaii's most infamous and deadly break. From the critical seconds in the narrow take off zone when the line-up is packed and the waves are firing, to the subsequent social vibe that permeates the North Shore winter, this movie takes you there. Project 1 features Pipeline Posse's Braden Dias, Jamie Sterling, Flynn Novak & Jason Frederico, as well as numerous Pipe stand outs Andy Irons, Bruce Irons, Kelly Slater, Shane Dorian, Nathan Fletcher and North Shore locals Kalani Chapman, Jamie O'Brien, Mark Healey, Randall Paulson, Reef Macintosh, Dustin Barca, and Dave Wassel to name a few. Experience new and unique views of the North Shore including towing-in at Pipeline & Outer Log Cabins, massive Waimea Bay and much, much more. It's time........so sit back and enjoy our story on the most feared, yet awe inspiring surf spot in the world, as told through the eyes and words of the people who live it, love it and surf it on a daily basis. WELCOME TO THE NORTH SHORE............Aloha

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