Primal Quest DVD - 2 Disc Special Edition

$ 15.95

Two-disc special edition of the 2004 Primal Quest adventure race set in the San Juan Islands and the rugged Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Originally a CBS Sports spectacular and five-part OLN broadcast event.

Narrated by Academy Award winner Liam Neeson. More than 50 elite and amateur teams race nonstop for up to seven days on end. Racers kayaked, ran, trekked, mountain biked, and mountaineered through unforgiving terrain. Struggling to overcome physical and mental challenges become secondary as teams deal with devastating tradgedy as the race unfolds. Includes elite racers such as Ian Adamson, Rebecca Rusch, Nathan Fa'ave, Danelle Balkangee, Mike Kloser, Robin Benincasa, and others.

Disc one features CBS broadcast. Disc two features the five-episode Outdoor Life Network series.