Refraction Wakeboard DVD

$ 25.95

Our mission is to provide wakeboarding visual entertainment specifically engineered to indulge the senses. Refraction was created for those who thirst for more than just a music video. This film contains exclusive footage from team Ten-80's house boat trip that was recently featured in Alliance magazine. Watch in amazement as Matt Sims throws down his sick bag of tricks and enjoy Ryan Lemons killing it on a wake skate. Allow Nunn to remind you how it all began, and Murray demonstrates just how fun this sport can be. This film is brought to you by Malibu and Ten-80. Featuring: Matt Simms, Brian Grubb, Chade Sharp, Darin Shapiro, Jeff Weatherall, Dallas Friday, Shaun Murray, Keith Lidberg, Ben Greenwood, Eric Ruck, Gerry Nunn, Ryan Lemons, Rick Knott, Tim Keepers.

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