See What I See - All Female Snowboarding DVD

$ 9.95

RIDE LIKE A GIRL!  This video is a must-have for any snowboarder's collection. In this all female snowboard film, pro riders from around the world. Runway Films is proud to present its second film 'SEE WHAT I SEE', a compilation of the most progressive riding from the world's best female riders in 2008. Upping the ante from last year's LA LA LAND, this is a movie not to be missed as the platform has been raised with scenes of riding the historical streets of Quebec city, snowmobiling the vast glaciers of British Columbia, lapping many of the major parks in the USA and reflecting upon what one's mind would conceive as their own snowboarding lifestyle. With new tricks in the bag, stakes are high for this movie to be destined to open your eyes towards female snowboarding. Starring Natasza Zurek Anne Flore Marxer Desiree Melancon Erin Comstock Cheryl Maas Gretchen Bleiler Kimmy Fasani Raewyn R Meghann O'Brien Leanne Pelosi Kjersti Buaas Robin Van Gynn Jamie Anderson Izumi Amaike Janna Meyen Jacqui Berg Marie France Roy Victoria Jealouse Coleen Quigley Chanelle Sladics Amber Stackhouse And friends

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