Skatopia: 88 Acres of Anarchy - Collector's Edition

$ 12.95

Skatopia: 88 Acres of Anarchy takes you inside a hillbilly skateboarder "commune" in Appalachia where anything goes. The self-declared cult-leader of Skatopia converts punk skaters into volunteer labor, battles bill collectors, does a stint in jail and raises his own family amidst the chaos. The Collector's Edition includes deleted scenes, extended interviews, music and "real time" sequences and featurettes on Meigs County, Ohio and the Skatopia Skateboard Museum. Also Director and Brewce Martin Commentary track. "Skatopia offers visitors...a taste of the absolute freedom they think they want" - Rolling Stone "An inspiring story about building an empire on your own terms" - Denver Examiner "Completely even-handed, the film needs to be seen to be believed. - "Brilliant...a fully mature film" - Russell Banks, The Sweet Hereafter, Affliction "It's what you learn how to skate for...It's living." - Dustin Dollin, Pro Skateboarder "Skatopia is a rite of passage for skaters." - Tony Hawk, Skate Legend Featuring: Brewce Martin, Dustin Dollin, Benji Galloway, Tony Hawk, Tim Johnson, Bam Margera, Brandon Martin, 
Lance Mountain, Duane Peters

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