Good Times 2 Wakeboard DVD

$ 9.95

After the first "Good Times" released, the entire crew was ready to ride harder, shape new tricks, add new grabs, tell new stories, film new angles, and build new rails. "The Good Times 2" is what we have to show for ourselves. Riders include Sean O'Brien, Nick Ennen, Jeff McKee, Mikey Ennen, Chris Craig, Travis Propst, Silas Thurman, Bret V, Brent Starr, Robbie Carter, and more. Features new tricks such as Sean O'Brien's nose grab tantrum to blind and nose grab toeside backrolls, a left to right transfer rail with frontboard and backlip gaps, huge spins with early and late grabs, off-axis osmosis spins, and the biggest most stylish nose grab backside 180 that's ever been thrown down.

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