Some Thing Else DVD

$ 9.95

Powderwhore. Each season it starts with a prayer for a good winter, the health to climb snowy mountains, and some cameras. We can sacrifice, speculate and stare at weather models all day, but the truth is we dont know what winter will bring. Some will receive the bounty and some will get the drought. Time spent chasing storms, interesting characters and exploring stories will accumulate and take shape. What sort of shape? That we dont' know. The season will decide. The season dictates what you are about to see more than we do. Of course we have ideas and sometimes they line up with Mother Nature. And often times they do not. The task is just to be aware, keep breaking trail in the direction that calls you and capture the impossible beauty of the backcountry along the way. -A last minute dream trip to Hokkaido, Japan with Erik Balkan, Will Cardamone, Megan Michelson and Dan Abrams. -A yurt vacation in The Beartooth Mountains of Montana with Carston Oliver, Erik Balkan, Ben Nobel and Alyssa Larson -Steep spine clinic with Neil Provo in the Tordrillo Mountains -Carston Oliver and happy fun times jumping crevasses in Alaska -Phat Camp with Andrew McLean, Thomas Gaisbacher and Noah Howell in the Wrangell St Elias Mountains of Alaska -Paul Kimbrough and his crusade to resuscitate telemark skiing -Snowy Mountain Lodge in British Columbia hosts JP Auclair, Kalen Thorien, Ian Provo and Riley Leboe -A look into the mind and the turns of World Champion Freeskier Drew Tabke -Geoff McAndrews invites us into his untapped world in the Salt River Range of Wyoming This year we headed out looking for Some Thing Else, and we found it.

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