Tadashi Fuse Heart Films Volume 3 Snowboarding DVD - Japan's Best Boarders

$ 7.99

This video is a must-have for any snowboarder's collection. Follow Tadashi Fuse and his handpicked roster of riders through their fun filled travels and epic riding that they experienced HEART Films vol. 3 - filled with tons of bonus footage that will keep you entertained all season long. HEART Films vol. 3 Filmed and edited by: TARO KOEJI - KEIJI TAJIMA - NOBUHIRO HAYASHI Produced by: MANABU TAIRA - YUHO SEKIHARA Directed by: TADASHI FUSE Riders: Tadashi Fuse - Shota Suzuki - Hiromi Takahashi - Akifumi Hiraoka - Adachi Futa - Sachi Tanaka - Takafumi Konishi - Donn Hore - Kousuke Wakisaka - Natasza Zurek and friends...

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