The Book Wakeskate Instructional 3-DVD Box Set

$ 24.95

The Book Wakeskate Collection includes the Wakeskate Basics, Intermediate Tricks and Advanced Tricks DVDs. In this series, we teamed up with wakeskater Aaron Reed to develop the ultimate instructional set. Aaron was a part of the project from day one and has helped us design the perfect instructional for those serious about taking their riding to the next level. Make sure you are among the first in the world to experience this new DVD series. The Wakeskate Book is the most thorough instructional DVD in the market. The DVD entitled Wakeskate Basics, starts with equipment and ends with wakeslides. The second disk, titled Intermediate Tricks, will start with wake jumps and will end with shuvits. The third, Advanced Tricks, will start with a (heelside) backside 180 and it will end with a backside flip. Athletes: Aaron Reed, Danny Molina, Phillip Basino, Scott Byerly, George Daniels, Silas Thurman, Andrew Beaver and Vinnie Rizzo.

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