The Revival Fixed Gear Cycling DVD

$ 7.95

The Revival brings together 17 of the worlds best fixed gear riders to show the many different styles of riding that exist within the sport. In 2009 the sport felt very undefined with branches of the sport shooting off in all directions. We wanted to capture all of this whether it was the bmx-influenced tricks on the east coast or the more traditional track bike tech tricks from the west. We also wanted to show that speed is still a defining side of our sport and we captured some of the fastest riders on the planet rocketing down the mountain sides of Vancouver BC. The Revival was an attempt that successfully helps define our sport and its entire make up while breathing some new life into the community... The most progressive fixed gear riding ever documented from both coasts of North America. Riders from Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto and New York City have unearthed the potential of these modern day machines. Hill bombs in excess of 80 km/h and tricks that have never been captured before on film tell the story of what this movement is all about. This ain't your grandad's bicycle anymore, this is The Revival

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