Thine Book of Hesh Law Special Edition 2-DVD and Book Set

$ 9.95

This two-disc special edition set features two sub-features including the Tales of the Larb, a concept by Sam Hitz and Mark Widmann. Tales of the Larb plays before the main feature, much like Warner Brothers cartoons back in the 1950splayed before the movies. The story of the Larb is basically a day in the life of a beast that consumes all and lives to consume another day. The entire piece is based around a 100% cardboard set that is shot in 24p. The second sub-feature is Blood Shed by Rick and Buddy best known for their greatest hits like Northwest, Fruit of the Vine, Tent City and most recently Deathbowl to Downtown. This is the first fictional narrative they have ever directed and the dailies are murderous. The story is based around a group of skaters (Hesh Crew) that are all trying to skate a forbidden pool and disregard all the warnings to avoid it. Barging the pool turns in to the worst decision of their lives and ultimately they pay in blood. This is the collision of all the things Creature represents a true skateboarding slasher film that has it all. Plus, there's Hesh Law - the main feature. Hesh Law is the third installment since the resurrection of Creature. The idea was to offer a film like nothing the general skate public had ever seen using a unique team outlook. A brutal feast for the eyes that would represent everything Creature stands for.Hesh Law combines all facets of skateboarding, from the harsh bridge scene to the streets to the vert ramp and beyond. We travel the globe in search of ancient ceremonial pits of concrete to unleash a fury in green and black. The makers have assembled a crew over the years that is very similar to how the Vikings may have created an army back in the dark times. Watch Pros like Darren Navarrette, Sam Hitz, Al Partanen, and Power Ams including Adrian Mallory, Devin Appelo, Taylor Bingaman and many more!

NOTE: Parental Advisory warning on this product.

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