Thunderstruck 12 DVD

$ 24.99

From the athletes and photographers of the best selling Mountain-Riding Sled Film for 11 years running! Returning to the style of riding that made them famous, Team Thunderstruck conquers over 100 insane chute-climbs in Thunderstruck 12, once again taking man and machine to their limits. While the weather and snow conditions were less-than-ideal, Thunderstruck traveled North America in search of the perfect conditions... And they found them! From rock-lined chutes to technically fluid tree-riding to the deepest powder in the West, Thunderstruck 12 will once again take viewers to the edge of the earth and back again, all the while white-knuckling them right into their chairs. The Thunderstruck sleds speed into the craziest and sometimes silliest places on earth, places where only these machines and these riders will go. Welcome back to some of the best hillclimbing and best riding in the world. This is Thunderstruck 12. Starring Randy Swenson, Julio Eiguren, Linden Ladouceur, Trennis Baer, Riley Jensen, Mark Mesenbrink and MANY more! A Jim Phelan Film.

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