Unhooked 2 Kiteboard DVD

$ 12.95

Tronolone Production's sequel to their popular DVD Unhooked. And as one should always strive to improve on the original, Tonolone does not disappoint. Buster Tronolone consolidated all the best of his footage from his travels around the world over the past year. The result, Unhooked 2, is a great video that has all varieties of riding - giant waves complete with several psychos pulling into death barrels and toying with shorebreak itching to crush peoples spines, crazy slider park action, and all the rest of your state-of-the-art kiting, i.e. powered handlpass moves, kite loops, crashing, etc. Editing is clean with some rider feature sections like in their other popular DVD Awake, but also a mixture of great travel and riding style features. All in all a great mix of riding and conditions. Super clean water footage and a great soundtrack make this DVD solid. And minimal lifestyle footage will please the hardcore viewer. Some featured riders include Andre Phillip, Ben Wilson, Jason Stone, Moehau Gould, Jason Slezak, Jeff Tobias, and many more.

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