Unite! Skate Surf Snowboard Trilogy DVD

$ 9.95

Choose either Skate or Snowboard cover graphics.  Same set of films (Skate, Surf, Snow) on either DVD. 

UNITE! is a triple feature DVD featuring the Trilogy Arts Team. It is a look into the 3 boarding cultures of surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding, giving them each their own film. You also have the choice to choose a surf cover, a skate cover, or a snow cover. This DVD exzemplifies these arts and certain indivuals involved in keeping the 3 united in their daily lives. Featuring the highlights of the past 3 years of snowboarding footage of Ryan Wichert, True Love, Christian Koch, David Wichert, Kurt Jenson, Tim Carlson, and more. The Skateboarding of Sean Key, Garret Maxhiemer, RedHawk, and more. The surfing of Brad Johnson, Tyler Anderson, Miles Wallace, Landon Smith, Randall Rodstoker, and more. UNiTE! was filmed in HD and 16mm throughout California, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Mexico, the East Coast.

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